Prepping for a move often means getting ready for a new life chapter. So if there’s something from the past that’s “weighing” you down, why bother taking it with you?


5 Things to Donate or Dump

Before the moving company shows up, consider what actually matters most. There might be a handful of larger items that don’t really need to move with you. Create some extra space for your new home by having your movers drop off these types of items at a donation center—or if needed, the local dump.


1. Unworn Clothing

It’s always smart to sort through your closet in anticipation for your move. Odds are, you haven’t been wearing all of those clothes you own anyway. Now would be a great time to throw away shirts and pants that have seen better days. Then just donate the pieces that are still in good condition.


2. Bulky Appliances

Typically most of your home’s appliances will be going to your home’s buyer. But if you’re planning to bring certain items with you, be sure to think twice. Are you really planning to use the old chest freezer in the garage or basement? What about outdated space heater? Do those things even still work?


3. Play Sets and Toys

Kids grow up fast. You may not need to keep those bigger playsets, board games, or plastic toys anymore. There might be a local children’s charity that would love to have them. And for the really big pieces, you might be able to coordinate with your moving company and have them deliver the donations for you.


4. Old Mattresses

A good rule of thumb is to replace a mattress every 8 years. Sure, there are some mattresses that can last a lot longer, but moving into a new home is a nice reminder (or reasons) to swap out the old for the new. You’ll likely get better quality than what you’ve had, and it’s usually pretty easy for movers to haul old mattresses to the dump or the curb for you.


5. Awkward Furniture

Family heirlooms are one thing. They might be bulky, but they have sentimental value. Other awkward items around your house might fall into a different category. Whether that’s an upright piano that no one plays, heavy workout equipment, or some backyard furniture that would be difficult to move, you might be better off just kicking them to the curb. Or you could set up a garage sale. If someone has a use for them, that’s better for everyone!


Let Colt Moving Give You a Hand

Managing the details of a move isn’t just about packing the boxes and loading up furniture. You have all of your bank and personal account addresses to update, mail to forward, new utilities to transfer and set up, all of the new-home shopping, and the list goes on. That’s why you need a solid moving company on your side for the actual moving day itself.

Our team at Colt Moving is here to help. We proudly serve the greater Indianapolis area, and we help clients move all throughout the state of Indiana for long-distance moves. Feel free to review our company process. Then if you think we could help, go ahead and reserve your moving date. We’ll be sure to treat you right.