Your move should be exciting—but not for the wrong reasons. You’re making a fresh start, so you don’t want to deal with any hang-ups along the way. That’s how a good moving company can help. When you find the right team, you’ll be able to enjoy a stress-free process and be in a great position to kick things off in the best possible way at your new address.


What Do Good Moving Companies Offer?

As a locally-owned moving company, we’re known for being community- and relationship-focused. Even better, Colt Moving also handles larger moving projects and more complex moves that happen across stateliness.

You need a personalized solution. That’s why you need an experienced team!

We’re in business to take the stress out of moving. When you choose Colt Moving, you’ll have a trained relocation expert to walk you through every step of the out-of-state moving process. You won’t get stuck with a call center number, either. It’s about having someone you can trust. Having access to their direct line helps ensure you’ll have true peace of mind.


Trust Colt Moving for Your Out-of-State Move

Our qualified team and straightforward system will help ensure you have an easy move from start to finish—no matter where you’re headed.


1. Strategy

Review the information you need upfront with a free consultation. We’ll connect you with one of our Colt Moving relocation experts to help answer your questions about moving out of state. We have partnerships with local moving companies all across the country. We can always recommend highly-rated teams for loading or unloading services.


2. Packing

Let’s define what matters most for your long-distance move—and how to keep it efficient and affordable. Our customers have the option to load the moving truck themselves. You can also decide to partner with our team to take the stress off your plate.

We have solid relationships with plenty of third-party moving companies that are both licensed and insured. This allows us to coordinate the labor on your behalf, whether you’re already in our Central Indiana service area, or moving to the region from out-of-state.


3. Transport

Once the truck is ready to go, we’ll get moving to meet you at your new home or destination! More specifically, your moving truck will only have your own belongings inside. You’re not sharing space, which means your movers are able to deliver on the date you choose. Not some arbitrary window.


4. Unload

Get everything in its place and start getting settled! We work to ensure you have trained, professional movers on the job. As a result, your team will know how to keep your furniture and belongings safe while the truck gets unloaded. Plus, they’ll be working quickly and in sync to keep your day on-track.


Serving the Central Indiana Area—and Long-Distance Moves!

Families and individuals all throughout the state of Indiana have trusted us with their local moves. We’re always happy to extend that same level of service to customers who need a responsible long-distance or out-of-state moving company. Maybe you’re moving into the area, or maybe you’re heading to a new state. Either way, we can help.

You don’t need to worry about coordinating an interstate move on your own. Let our experience help you keep things simple. We’ll work to give you a clear estimate. Then we’ll partner with you to whatever extent you need—from packing, to transport, and unloading your boxes and furniture into the new space.



Let us take some of the stress off your plate, and get ready for the best move you’ve ever had!