Every industry has its share of “horror stories.” We’ve all heard from friends and family about horrible service at a restaurant, long wait times, and other annoying situations with so-called professionals they may have hired. Unfortunately, there are bad players in the moving industry too. But that doesn’t mean you need to take everything you hear at face value.


5 Misconceptions About Local Moving Companies

Popular opinion doesn’t always hold up when you start to dig a little deeper. There are a handful of things that most people don’t really understand about how a good, professional moving company is supposed to operate. (Or even what a streamlined move should look like in general.) Hopefully, we can help some of the most common misconceptions we hear about moving companies. A little education goes a long way for a stress-free move.


Misconceptions 1: All moving companies are the same

Let’s clear this up right out of the gate. A company is only as good as its people. You want to hire a good team of movers. When you break it down, that’s about finding employee-movers, not day laborers. This is the biggest differentiator we can think of between moving companies. When we get trained properly as employees, get paid well, and get to team up with a solid and reliable group of co-workers, we naturally take more pride in our work. Companies that have a consistent base of actual employees function with a lot more professionalism.


Misconceptions 2: It’s better to move on a Friday

Say you reach out to a local moving company. You’ve got a Friday in mind for your big move, but their schedule is already full. This is totally okay! Assuming you’ve found a company with a great track record and reviews, there’s no reason to give up and hire another group of movers. Typically, you’ll actually save money by moving on a weekday, anyway. And then you’d have the entire weekend to settle in—isn’t that a win-win?


Misconceptions 3: My furniture will get damaged

Obviously, you want your belongings to be handled with care, and you shouldn’t expect anything less when you’re hiring professional movers. Ideally, you’ll have marked your “fragile” boxes on the outside and taken the time to pack the contents appropriately. The movers can then find the right place for each item on the truck with the right boxes on top of the stack.

Don’t forget: True professional movers will also be coming to you with a lot of experience handling heavy pieces of furniture. In that sense, hiring movers would help keep your things safer than doing a DIY move.


Misconceptions 4: The movers won’t care whether I use packing tape

In reality, the type of moving supplies you use really does make a difference in the long run. Swapping packing tape for basic masking tape or even duct tape isn’t a good idea because those types of adhesive aren’t designed to stick to cardboard. Keep things simple and just stay with traditional packing tape.


Misconceptions 5: It’ll be too chaotic to have movers around

Your crew should be working to give you a moving day that’s as efficient as possible. That means they’ll know how to communicate with each other so you aren’t repeating information. Their level of organization and understanding of how to load the truck and navigate any nuances of your home’s layout will honestly make your day less chaotic than if you’d be dealing with everything on your own. Don’t let these misconceptions fool you!


Ready for Your Easiest Move Ever?

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