Whether you’re moving to a larger office space, another retail location, or a brand-new facility, managing a commercial move can spur on a lot of stress for business owners. So what’s the best way to avoid those headaches? Get the right team of commercial movers on your side!

7 Tips for Working with a Commercial Moving Company

There are lots of factors and decisions to consider when prepping for a move. This is especially true for moving your business. Compared to a personal move, a commercial move will usually have more people involved, as well as a variety of equipment. Here are some of our best tips for making the process easier on yourself—and your employees.

1. Plan ahead and save the date

It’s not always possible to be able to anticipate your needs for an ideal moving schedule. But the sooner you can pinpoint an exact moving day, the better. Be sure to do what you can to reserve your commercial moving company ASAP.

2. Verify insurance coverage

Your own commercial insurance may cover certain aspects of a company move, yet you still need to confirm with your moving company that they are bonded and insured.

3. Donate old office equipment

Now is the perfect time to purge outdated technology, furniture, or other equipment that you no longer need. You could even coordinate with your moving company to help drop off some of those items at a donation center.

4. Organize your moving inventory

Think about whether you should number your moving boxes. A lot of companies can benefit from creating an inventory of all of their physical assets that are making the move. Are you going to have hundreds of boxes to move? You may want to build out a spreadsheet of where different documents or office supplies have been packed.

5. Prep computers for the move

Carefully package your computer monitors with bubble wrap and make sure you’re using boxes that are large enough to keep that equipment protected. Storing cables in separate bags or smaller boxes is also a helpful measure to keep your hardware safe. Then you can number or mark those bags according to whichever computer they belong to.

6. Update your contact information

It’s also important to task someone in your company with reordering business cards and updating the company address wherever your business information is located online. You want to make sure your new and existing contacts know how to find you after the move.

7. Leave it to the professionals

We all have our skill sets. By hiring the right moving company, you’ll truly be able to step back and have peace of mind that everything will arrive at your new location safe and sound. If you’ve done the necessary prep work, you could even look at your moving day as a “day off” and time to sit back and relax. That’s always our goal for clients!

Let Colt Moving Help You Stay on Schedule

Our movers are committed to working both quickly and safely, which gives our clients a great value. Our training process helps ensure that all of your assets will be handled securely. Moreover, the people on our team are going to be clean-cut, professional, and friendly.

Take a look at our moving schedule to check for availability and book your moving day. Or give us a call at (317) 476-3762 to talk through any other services or additional moving trucks you might need to hire to get the move done in one day. We’re here to help!