Everyone wants to maximize the return on their investment when they’re selling their home. After all, buying a new home is one of the biggest financial decisions we’ll ever make, and you want to have the funds to make sure it’s a success! Following a few key guidelines will help ensure that you’re in a great position to list and make that change.

3 Ways to Feel More Confident with Listing Your Home

Some moves are made out of necessity, like if you’re starting a new job in another state or just wanting to move closer to family. Others are made just because you want a better quality of life. That could be downsizing or upsizing, cutting your commute time, or moving to a neighborhood you’ve always admired. Either way, you want to feel confident and ready for that next stage in your life.

1. Explore the market

Managing the logistics of a move starts long before your movers show up with their truck. You want to be in the best possible position to sell. That means exploring the market first.

An experienced local realtor can give you the lay of the land. They’ll have the insights you need about what a realistic asking price will be for your home, as well as the “inside scoop” on the areas that you’re considering. What’s more, it helps to connect with a good lender in advance of listing. Then you can get pre-approved and know exactly what the budget should be for your new place.

2. Set the scene

If you’ve been putting off some minor home improvement projects, now is the time to get them done. Do you need to give the front door a fresh coat of paint? What about any broken window blinds or a garage door opener that stopped working months back? Hiring a handyman for the afternoon can help you wrap-up that punch list. The quick fixes can make a meaningful difference in getting your asking price.

It’s also worth considering working with a professional home staging company. They can help you decide which pieces of furniture to keep in the house for the showing. They’ll also be able to add items from their own inventory to help your home photograph even better.

From there, you could hire a cleaning company to scrub down your bathroom and kitchen, mop the floors, and dust. You may not want to spend time doing those chores yourself if you’re busy looking for the new home you want to buy.

3. Get organized

When you’re already committed to making a move, why not start the packing process a little early? The less clutter, the better. You can pack boxes with items on your bookshelves or even start moving the totes and boxes in your basement and attic into a near-by storage unit. Working ahead is great for getting rid of any chaotic feelings as you approach the official moving day. That’s one of the ways how moving companies can help.

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, our team of Colt movers can help you get organized in advance. From moving furniture into storage before you list, having a couple of our professional movers help you pack boxes, to loading a truck for your actual moving day, please feel free to reach out. A stress-free moving day is always the goal. Once you’re finally making the move into your new place, it’s nice to have some local movers give you and your family a little break!