Every community throughout the greater Indianapolis area has its own personality. The Town of Avon is unique because it has that ideal balance between the city life and a more laid-back environment with the Washington Township Park, Avon Town Hall Park, and all of our other nature preserves!

Avon offers a great quality of life. At Colt Moving, we love helping individuals and families get settled into their new homes here. If you’re looking for a great local moving company, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Got an Avon Move? Here’s Our Best Advice

Planning ahead is always the name of the game with a move. But planning ahead doesn’t mean making a schedule so you can do everything alone. The more hands you have to help, the better. Most of the people have dealt with DIY moves in the past. A professional team of movers, though, can speed the process along. No heavy lifting. No hassle with a truck rental. And no need to rope your friends and family into helping out and giving up an entire day.

Professional movers will help make the day go fast, so you can start enjoying your new place sooner! Be sure to get on the schedule for your moving company as soon as possible. That’s step one. You want to give yourself the best opportunity to move on the day of the week and timeframe you want.

Another part of hiring your moving company comes down to how much help you actually want. With Colt Moving, for example, you’ll even have the option to bring on a third mover to help make the process go even faster. You could also request a second truck to help limit the back-and-forth. (Which is especially useful if you have a lot of larger pieces of furniture in the house.)

Our best advice is really this: Hire the right moving company. If you’re moving to Avon—or just from one Avon address to another—there are multiple moving companies to choose from. Figuring out your top priorities will help ensure you’re completely satisfied with their service.


Comparing Different Moving Companies in Avon

A quick comparison between different customer reviews online is a great way to narrow down your choices for local movers. This is true for any city, no matter where you’re moving or where you currently live. We also suggest taking the time to do a little research into how the company has built its team.

It always tends to be better when you’ve got employees working for the company instead of day laborers. A moving company that knows how to treat its employees right will be able to retain quality professionals longer. You’ll have better service because they have more experience. Plus, they can help make the day stay as stress-free as possible since they already know how to set a good pace and communicate like a real team.


The Moving Company Avon Trusts—Colt Moving!

We are honored to have collected so many 5-star reviews, and we’ve made it our mission to provide our clients with excellent service from start to finish.


It’s easy to schedule your move on our website. We’ve even described our entire pricing model online too. We take pride in our work, and that directly relates to how we handle all of our client’s belongings. A detailed training process shows our employees all of the best practices for moving large or difficult items. We’re also highly skilled at packing up the truck efficiently to keep all of your boxes and furniture safe. Please let us know if you’ve got an Avon move coming up—we’d love to help!