The Heiser Family’s Experience with Colt Moving

In an ideal world, your home will be able to give you and your family everything you need to feel safe and comfortable. You want enough space to spread out. And naturally, those requirements can shift from year to year, just as your lifestyle changes.

You might be ready for a larger kitchen, another bedroom, or more space in the backyard. Then again, you could be thinking about downsizing. Other times, you might not realize what your home is missing until you get a good look at another option!


Meet the Heiser’s

Gearing up for a move in early 2021 wasn’t initially part of the plan for the Heiser family. But then they saw the new property listing. Basically everything about the home was a perfect match for their current lifestyle and well into the future. They just couldn’t pass it up.

The Heiser’s got the house, and then they started to map out the logistics for the move. All things considered, the timing ended up being just right. They were ready to relocate from Fishers to the Indianapolis area. The next step was to call on a great local moving company.


Teaming Up with Colt Moving

After reading the solid company reviews online, Andy and Christa decided to go with Colt Moving for the big day. They knew they didn’t want to deal with carrying all of the boxes and lifting the furniture on their own. What’s more, they had been hoping to find a moving company that would have upfront pricing.

“Colt really did a good job of removing some of the stress for us on moving day,” said Andy. “They base everything off square footage, so it was really easy to identify what size of moving team we really needed.”

Because the Heiser’s had a goal of spending the night in their new home on the same day as their actual move, it was important to stay on schedule. Fortunately, the Colt Moving team was able to deliver.

“Even with the weather, there really wasn’t an option to delay or post-pone,” said Christa. “They showed up ready to work.”

Managing a move during snowy conditions and cold winter months isn’t always ideal for homeowners, but when you want to get settled into your new home the same day as your official move, you need a team who will go the extra mile to make that happen.


Clear Differences with a Local Moving Company

“One of the other things we really appreciated was just how nice and respectful the team was that came out to help move us,” said Christa. “Their commitment to having professionals who looked the part and dressed the part was also important.”

Because Colt Moving only works with employee movers and not contracted day laborers, the Heiser’s noticed a high level of service. The positive feedback they’d heard from other clients definitely seemed to be carried over into their own moving day.

Their minds were put at ease almost immediately. “It was obvious they were trained,” said Andy. “They weren’t in our house more than five minutes before I was like, ‘Look, they got this, I can just go ahead and get out of the way.’”

With the Colt Moving team, Andy and Christa were able to have total confidence in their movers and knew they were going to do the job right. No homeowner wants to go through the stress and trouble of repairing or replacing items that have been damaged during a move. You shouldn’t have to feel “on edge” while watching your movers work either. Fortunately, the employee movers at Colt made sure the Heiser’s didn’t have to worry about a thing.


Key Takeaways from the Moving Day 

“This is a big experience in our lives,” said Andy. “You don’t move that often, and to have a team of people that you can trust to come in and actually make that a positive experience—and actually add value to that experience—is definitely one of the biggest takeaways I’ve had and why I recommend Colt.”

The movers’ attention to detail and careful treatment of their belongings helped both Andy and Christa feel good about their decision. They already knew they liked the house. But it was nice to know that they had chosen a good moving company to help make the day go as smooth as possible too. The team was efficient, and that helped the Heiser’s get settled in right away.

“I expect us to be here for a really long time,” said Christa, “but if we were to move again, we would definitely call Colt.”

Now that the Heiser’s are officially established in their new home, it’s nice to know that they can look back on the moving day itself without any regrets. Whenever they have family, friends, or colleagues preparing for a move, they’re happy to refer Colt Moving. That confidence in the team’s consistent level of service means a lot. After all, moving days can be notoriously stressful. But with an experienced team on your side, managing a big move can actually be easier than ever!