Moving can be a major undertaking, but when done correctly, it can end up being pretty easy at the finish line. The right moving company can help keep the process smooth and stress-free in the moments that count.

What Makes A Good Moving Company Great?

Whether you’re moving across town or you and your family are making plans to move to a different state, the best moving companies can streamline your journey. It’s just a matter of choosing the right moving company for your needs and clarifying what really matters most. Reviewing this list can help you focus on your priorities—and find the best possible movers for the job!

1. Services Offered

Every move is unique, so it’s important to understand your specific needs. Do you have a piano to move? Large exercise equipment? What about hiring professional packers to help you get everything securely boxed up and ready for the big day? Some companies offer a full-service moving experience, handling everything from packing and loading to transportation and unloading. Other moving companies may only provide transportation services. Make sure your movers can give you exactly what’s required for your scenario.

2. Transparent Pricing

It’s normal to compare companies based on cost. But you don’t exactly want to fall into the trap of just going with the lowest number. You might find yourself dealing with some hidden fees later on if you aren’t too careful. Be cautious of moving companies that provide vague or significantly lower estimates. The best movers will outline all of their pricing details on their website. That way, you’ll have a solid baseline for what to expect with your own project.

3. Consistent Reviews

Checking out the recent online reviews and asking friends and colleagues about their own experience with local moving companies can help you narrow down your options. What’s the general consensus about the movers? Are they friendly and professional? Were they safe and efficient while handling everyone’s belongings? This type of feedback can provide valuable insights, especially when the reviews are repetitive. That way, you can feel confident that you’re choosing a moving company that’s reliable and will treat you right.

4. Licensed and Insured

A legitimate moving company should have the necessary licenses to operate within your jurisdiction. Always choose a moving company that is properly licensed. More importantly, though, make sure your movers are insured. Even decades of professional experience can’t prevent accidents from happening. Your moving company’s insurance will provide coverage for potential damages or loss during the move. Otherwise, you may be left to cover the costs of any mishaps all on your own.

5. Availability

Once you find your movers, it’s time to secure your ideal moving date. Some companies may be fully booked during peak moving seasons, which could lead to scheduling conflicts. Plan your move well in advance and book your movers as soon as possible. Depending on the company, you might even be able to schedule your move online.

The convenience of scheduling online can be another way to evaluate the level of customer service provided by the moving company. Are they responsive to inquiries? Do they address your concerns and provide clear information? Good customer service is indicative of a company’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and stress-free move. It really can’t be beat!