Uprooting is always a big decision. Whether you’re just moving down the road or more than one hundred miles away—there can be a massive list of things to do. And you may not even have much time to do them!

You might need to act fast to get that home of your dreams. So when the actual moving day comes, you’ll want to be able to say: Yes, I’ve definitely found the best movers near me. Otherwise you might be headed into some real chaos.

Take the Stress Out of Your Moving Day

It can take weeks of hard work to figure out how to navigate your move. What’s going to stay with you, and what needs to go? There could be some large pieces of furniture to get rid of, not to mention the piles of old clothes and knick-knacks. That’s why most people benefit from hiring professional movers.

You’ve already been consumed with packing up dozens and dozens of boxes. Don’t make things more complicated by dealing with a truck rental and doing all of the heavy lifting on your own.

Why Are Local Movers Near Me So Much Better?

To sum it up quickly, local moving companies tend to be better than chain operations simply because they’re invested in their communities. They’re small business owners, and more often than not, they made the decision to start their company because they truly care about treating their neighbors right.

Another aspect of searching for “movers near me” is that you’ll be able to quickly scan their company reviews online. You want to make sure other people have had a great experience working with the team. Frankly, the more reviews, the better.

Along the way, be sure to check whether the company has full-time employees on board. Otherwise they might be sending day laborers to tackle the job. There are a lot of details for coordinating a move. An inexperienced team can easily fall short. From loading the truck properly, to navigating tight turns in the hallways with heavy furniture, you want local movers who have run through a detailed training process. That’s how Colt Moving rises above the rest!

Colt Moving: Customer Service at Our Core

Families and individuals all throughout Central Indiana have been incredibly complimentary of our team here at Colt Moving. We’d love to give you the same level of service!

We take our work seriously, and we’re proud to have stepped up as industry leaders for the greater Indianapolis area. Part of that is just about having years of experience under our belts. More than that, though, we’re always looking into how to be better and grow. We get that done by hiring the right people.

The whole reason we’ve been able to collect such great reviews from our clients throughout Indiana is because we’re friendly and we know how to work efficiently. Our high level of teamwork sets us apart, and we can say without a doubt that customer service is at our core. If you’re looking to make a move in the coming months, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d be happy to help!