There can be a lot of emotions that pop up when you’re getting ready for a move. Organizing a collection of “open first” boxes can help lower the stress. This goes beyond just your phone charger, though! There are multiple things that you’ll need early on, and you won’t want to go digging around to find them. These tips can help.

Packing the Essentials for Your Move

You want to have all of the items you’ll need for day one in your new home in one place. So whether that’s a box, moving tote, or a duffle bag, your “open first” collection will need to be kept together—no matter how those things are used.

Some families will only need “open first” boxes that apply to everyone. Others might need small boxes for each individual. Either way, the list will mostly be the same. Start by thinking about the personal essentials, like the clothes you’ll need for the next few days and any of your bathroom items. After that, you can start thinking about the key pieces that build out functional living spaces.

For example, your bathroom will need a shower curtain and toilet paper. Then you can pack up some towels in a separate box that’s clearly labeled. Other essentials will be for your bedroom and kitchen. Pack your linens and possibly a bedside lamp together. Then gather up some paper plates and cups, disposable utensils, and paper towels to take the pressure off of cleaning during the first days in your new home.

A box specifically for the pantry items you want to open first is also important. That might be things for making sandwiches or having a few snacks before you make the trip to the grocery store. Also, you may not want to hide your coffee maker away in a miscellaneous box. Label that as “open first” too!

How to Use the “Open First” Box

Typically, it’s most efficient to pack your moving boxes room-by-room. But that’s not the case with your “open first” box. These are going to be the items you pack last because you’ll likely be using them until the day of your move.

Even when you’re just moving across town, there’s a good chance that you might be separated from certain belongings for a time. And if you weren’t the only one packing up your boxes, then you may not even know where to look for that missing essential.

Setting aside that “open first” pile as you work through the packing makes all the difference. Load those boxes last, and keep them close by. It’s one of the best ways to avoid any hiccups with your move. Another one is to hire a great team of local movers.

Get Ready for a Better Moving Experience

With all of your boxes packed, the big moving day can be pretty exciting. Teaming up with a moving company can help you get everything in its place quickly. And if you’ve been able to clearly label your boxes by room, your movers can put them exactly where they need to go so you aren’t shuffling around later in the day.

Your “open first” boxes will likely travel with you in your own vehicle. But if not, give your movers a heads up to put them in a central place. Communication is definitely a key part of having a successful move, and our team at Colt Moving can help you stay organized.

We work to give you the best moving experience you’ve ever had, and we serve clients all throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Get on our calendar, and let us take care of the rest!