The city of Fishers has a wide appeal for all types of homeowners. From first-time buyers looking for their starter home, to families that are finally ready to settle into their forever home, moving to Fishers often means the start to an exciting new life chapter. Teaming up with a great local moving company can help everything go smoothly for the big day.

Your Fishers Move Shouldn’t Be Complicated

That’s why It’s nice to have some extra support to take care of the physical logistics of moving your boxes and furniture. After all, the most important details about a move need to be managed by the homeowners themselves. You can free up your time to focus on those matters by hiring a great local team.

Two or three professionals movers can work a lot faster (and stay a lot safer) than just about any small group of friends or family. So keep things simple! Leave the work to movers who have been trained to lift and load your heavy furniture and belongings correctly. Having to wrangle those items on your own gets to be really stressful. It’s a lot easier to keep your spirits up and enjoy the move when you don’t have to worry about loading up a truck.

Understand the Moving Company Estimate

Reviewing different moving companies almost always comes down to experience. The cost matters, but you definitively don’t want to compare those estimates alone. Unfortunately, the numbers you see upfront may not match that final invoice.

Some moving companies have a bad habit of tacking on extra fees and service charges, and they won’t include those in your initial estimate. Colt Moving is different. We clearly outline all of our pricing details on our website. If you have a set budget for your moving day, you’ll be able to run through those calculations ahead of time.

How Colt Moving Works to Streamline the Day

You also need to consider the quality and integrity of the people who will be helping you. For us, that starts with the hiring process. We only work with employees—not day laborers. And that means we can deliver a consistent and high-level of service for every move. Our residential clients in Fishers, as well as our commercial moving projects, have been happy to leave us five-star reviews.

We’re really proud of the team we’ve built over the years. We communicate well together, and that helps us work more efficiently. Plus, we’re truly motivated. You don’t want the day to drag on and on when you’ve been looking forward to getting “moved in” for so long. With us, you can trust that our movers are keeping your best interests in mind. We’re going to take good care of all of your belongings too.

We’re the Moving Company Fishers Trusts!

Whether you’re moving within the Fishers city limits, or you’re moving into Fishers from elsewhere in the greater Indianapolis area, our team is here to help. As a locally-owned company, Colt Moving is dedicated to providing our clients with the very best. That’s why our neighbors throughout the area continue to trust us with their moves. Let’s make your moving day easier than ever!