Every pocket of Indianapolis has its own set of perks and “selling points.” For example, the Geist residential area is obviously known for—and named for—the Geist Reservoir. This feature has a big impact on raising the quality of life for Geist homeowners. Because the Geist Reservoir itself stretches into both Lawrence Township in Indianapolis and some of the eastern parts of Fishers, Geist essentially works as a neighborhood within the greater Indianapolis area. That’s why homeowners in the area typically feel more connected with the culture of Geist as a whole, than their actual zip code.

If you’re looking to make a move to the neighborhood, you want to be sure you’re going with a great company. Hiring the right movers will help make the big day a success!

3 Must-Haves for a Good Geist Moving Company

Not all moving companies are built the same way, and so you can’t count on the same quality of service between one moving company to the next. It pays to do some quick research before you hire your team. Here’s what to check:

1. Moving Company Employees—Not Contractors

Relationships matter. Going with employee movers always tends to work out for the best because it means those people have already had experience working together. Employees aren’t taking on projects by the day, so they often have more of a personal interest in being a strong team player.

But that effort isn’t one-sided. Good moving companies also have a commitment to the people they hire. They’ll often be mindful of how to incentivize their best employees to stay with them for the long-term.

2. Easy Scheduling Options and Upgrades

It’s a lot easier to plan for your move when you can make your moving day reservation online. During this initial stage, the best moving companies will also be transparent with their pricing. If you think you might need an extra mover to help with heavy items or a second truck to make the day go faster, it’s important for those fees to be clear upfront.

3. A Reputation for Doing Things the Right Way

Even just reviewing a couple key testimonials or a recent client case study can help ease your mind about the moving companies you’re considering. You need to go with a team that feels right to you on a gut-level, as well as one that’s backed up by happy testimonials.

After all, the people you hire are likely going to be carrying your most important and valuable belongings. Learning a little more about the experiences other homeowners have had with different moving companies will help you assess whether those movers will bring the same quality of work to your own project too.

Geist Area Real Estate and Waterfront

Like much of the country, Geist has seen its home values increase in recent years. Considering everything the area has to offer, that makes a lot of sense. Living in Geist gives you easy access to great restaurants and outdoor activities. Plus, we have solid schools and good safety ratings.

The main distinction of living in the Geist area, though, is definitely the water. Even if your home isn’t right on the waterfront, you’ll be relatively close to the public launch ramp for sailboating and other water sports. There’s also great fishing. Or you could even taking a nice walk around one of the wooded parks nearby. It’s hard to get bored.

The Moving Company Geist Residents Trust

We get a nice balance of both work and play around Geist. The waterfront amenities have a unique appeal for social events and business meetings during the week. Then a lot of families will be out enjoying the water on the weekends and holidays. Hands down, it’s one of the best places to live here in Central Indiana.

Whether you’re looking to move into the Geist area as a new homeowner, or you’ve already been living here and are just ready to upsize or downsize, Colt Moving is here to help! We’ve carefully built a team of employees—not contractors—so we can confidently say that our movers are always courteous and strategic while on the job. You can rest assured that we’ll be working hard to make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible!