Quality counts. Especially when you’re inviting a team of movers into your home. That’s why you’ll want to look for some of tell-tale signs before you make the decision to hire a crew.

5 Signs You’ve Found a Solid Moving Company

Some of the best moving company characteristics won’t be known until the actual moving day. Fortunately, client testimonials can go a long way for giving you some peace of mind. If you end up having a great experience too, then you’ll be ready to add your own positive feedback to the mix. Here’s what to check:

1. They’ve got a team of employee movers.

Start with the most important factor. You want a moving company that cares enough about their reputation to hire actual employees. And it’s not always a given. Some moving companies take shortcuts and work with day laborers. The problem with that is those people can’t provide a consistent level of service.

The movers you get on your moving day might not really know what they’re doing. There may not even have been any training involved before they showed up to your property. In fact, the “movers” could even be strangers to each other, so their teamwork and how they communicate may not be that effective or efficient.

Be sure to verify that the company you’re hiring is committed to training and retaining quality employees. If they’re serious, then they’ll be sure to promote that fact on their website.

2. You could review their pricing structure upfront.

No one likes surprises when they’re trying to stick to a budget. If the moving company seems vague about what it’s actually going to take to finish your move on-time and at a reasonable cost, then you better think twice about them.

Most of the mover estimates out there are really just a shot in the dark. Then you might get slapped with extra fees and weird service charges once you’re able to review the final bill. You want to look at how they calculate their pricing ahead of time.

3. The moving company had the right equipment for the job.

Moving companies that don’t have the ability to double-down on your move with two trucks may not have as much experience as they claim. Established businesses will usually have the flexibility to give you an extra mover or even an extra truck and two movers to help ensure you get everything settled in just one day. Every home is different. If you have more square footage or lots of boxes and heavier items to manage, you’ll want to get the best people on your side.

4. Their team knew how to care for your belongings.

Again, this is where solid training comes into play. Moving company employees will have plenty of practice working together to manage larger pieces of furniture and load the truck in the most organized way possible. They’ll be using floor coverings to help keep your rooms clean, and they’ll have moving blankets with them to help keep all of your furniture protected during the day. Basically, they should be treating your belongings with care, just as if they belong to them.

5. You saw true professionalism every step of the way.

Emotions can run high on moving day. You’ve had a lot on your plate and you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Getting a moving crew that shows up dressed for the part and works quickly and politely is an absolute must. You don’t deserve to have your movers looking sloppy or seeming distracted. This is a professional service, and that means you shouldn’t expect anything less than the best.

When you’re ready to start planning your Indianapolis move, know that Colt Moving is here to help. We have rave client testimonials for moves all throughout Central Indiana. Let’s get you on the schedule next—and make your moving day as stress-free as possible!