Dealing with a move is a lot easier when you can pass off the physical logistics to a good team of movers. They’ll carry the heavy furniture to the truck, then load and unload all of your boxes, and even—assuming you’re got the right team—make the day go as smoothly as possible by bringing the right equipment and tools.


Basic Moving Company Equipment

Making sure you have a productive moving days doesn’t mean you’re just hiring a couple of movers who own a truck. They need to have other equipment to actually keep things on schedule. It also makes the day less stressful. Most people want a team who shows up with everything they need to do things efficiently. It’s also a win because faster moves cost less.

Obviously, they should have a truck and ideally a ramp to walk in and out of the back. But all good movers are going to bring dollies with them, as well. Even if your home doesn’t have a lot of furniture or even big furniture, it’s still important to have a dolly because it makes moving heavy items safer and easier. Easier is faster. Just managing your boxes can be more streamlined when moving companies have their dollies ready to go.


How to Carefully Move Your Furniture

The other side of things is about moving your belongings correctly. Not just quickly. That comes down to having the right tools for protecting your furniture and home. Moving companies that know how to pay attention to detail will keep three specific pieces of equipment in the truck. They’ll have furniture pads and blankets, shrink wrap, and basic hand tools.

You don’t want the corners and sides of your furniture getting knocked around while they’re in the truck. Furniture pads and blankets keep the furniture safe during transit. Shrinkwrap works the same way. It’s good to keep drawers closed throughout a move. And other pieces are just easier to carry when you can tightly wrap the furniture.

Whenever possible, your movers should also look to disassemble larger items. Bedframes and large entertainment systems are easier to manage in smaller pieces. Having a couple sets of hand tools (and actually using them) is a good sign that your movers take pride in their work and want to treat your belongings with care.


Colt Moving Gets the Job Done Right

A successful moving day will have reliable trucks and solid equipment. But it’s also about the people. You want movers who know how to work efficiently together and know how to communicate. That’s what you get with Colt Moving.


We only have employee movers, so our team has true experience working together. We aren’t day laborers. We’re committed to representing this company right, and that means treating your personal belongings with care. We know what to bring to each job and how to keep everything safe and secure. If you’re looking to move within the greater Indianapolis area, we’d be happy to help!