As the center of action for the southern Indianapolis Metro Area, the city of Greenwood is gaining in popularity and growing year over year. We have more than 15 family-friendly parks, shopping at Greenwood Park Mall, convenient interstate access, and even a couple of regional college campuses. There are plenty of reasons to move into the city, as well as plenty of reasons to stay!

Tips for Your Greenwood Moving Day

When you ask around, some of the most popular advice you’ll hear about making a move is to hire a reputable Greenwood moving company. These teams help make your day much more streamlined. And less stress means you can actually enjoy that first day of your new life chapter. Focus on what matters, and leave the heavy lifting work to the pros.

1. Moving Company Reviews

Your neighbors’ feedback is important. Hopefully you can get a direct recommendation from someone you trust. If nothing else, spend a few minutes reading the local moving company reviews and check for 5-star feedback.

2. Run the Numbers

Have you found a Greenwood moving company that’s upfront about their pricing? Instead of wasting time with an in-person estimate, see whether you can create your own quote for the move. A good moving company should have all of those details on their website.

3. The Right Way to Pack

Recycling old boxes is a smart strategy. Just be sure they’re still in decent condition. Also—use packing tape! There’s a big difference between moving tape and masking tape. You don’t want your boxes to split when they get picked up.

Of course, you might also have the option to rent moving bins. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your moving company if they offer that as another service.

Good Movers Always Come Prepared

There are obviously a few things to verify before you commit to hiring your local movers. If you want to go above and beyond, though, consider checking whether your movers are licensed and insured. Not all moving companies can offer that reassurance. So finding those credentials is a nice way to get some extra peace of mind. That type of company will likely be hiring the right high-quality individuals too.

Assuming you’ve gone with the right company, your movers are going to come prepared.

You should see them using floor coverings to prevent dirt or mud from getting inside your home. They’ll also have moving blankets to protect your furniture in the truck during transit.

But there’s another thing that sets good moving companies apart.

Those teams actually carry small toolkits with them. Then they can quickly disassemble some of the more difficult items before carrying them out the door. Noticing this is clear proof that you’ve gone with movers who have solid experience.

We’re the Moving Company Greenwood Trusts!

The motto at Colt Moving is to give our clients the best moving experience they’ve ever had. That’s exactly why we’ve been able to collect so many positive reviews. We work hard. Plus, we’re true professionals on the job.

You’ve probably muscled your way through plenty of moves in the past. So why not give yourself a break?

Let us worry about moving your heavy furniture and boxes. We’ve got a skilled team and plenty of training to make sure we handle everything safely and work efficiently. Check out our Greenwood moving schedule, then book your appointment! We’d be happy to help you out!