Reserving a table at a restaurant usually doesn’t need much advanced notice. But hiring a good moving company can be a different story. Small teams often have limited availability, and even large companies might be working with tricky schedules. (Especially when they’re known for high-quality work.) That’s why you’ll want to save your date as soon as possible.


Figure Out Your Moving Day Window

Your best case scenario would be to call your moving company at least three to four weeks ahead of your ideal moving day. Hitting that window will put you in a better position to get the exact day and time you want. But on that note, you’ll want to keep a few caveats in mind.

For example, the summer season tend to be busier for moving. You’ll want to get on the schedule quickly during those months. What’s more, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that weekends are typically more popular for moving. When you’re aiming for those days, once again, the rule of “the sooner the better” still applies. Just know that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday moves often come with slightly higher rates. But that might be worth more to you than waiting until the following week to get your move wrapped up. Then you’ll be able to use those days to get settled in and start enjoying your new space!


Can You Hire a Moving Company Last-Minute?

Life happens, and sometimes that means you need to get ready to move sooner than later. Being able to plan ahead is always more convenient, but don’t let that stop you from contacting your local moving company to see if they have any last-minute openings. Luck might be on your side. And having a team of professionals to help can certainly work to lower your stress.

If time is really tight, you might even consider talking with your moving company to bring in a few extra hands to pack your boxes. This service can help ensure you’ll actually be ready to go on the day of your move. Checking your options can make a big difference for meeting your timeline. Plus, it frees up your own schedule to handle all the other items on your to-do list.


The Colt Moving Promise

We’re always happy to book last-minute jobs here at Colt Moving. As long as the day and time is still open, we’ll absolutely get you on the schedule. There’s a chance we might not have as many clients that week. Or maybe we’ve had a cancellation with short-notice. Either way, you’ll never know unless you call. Of course, on the flip side, if your own plans have changed, we ask that any cancellations or reschedules get brought to our attention at least 48 hours prior to your originally-schedule move date.

Whether you’re ready to get your Indiana move on the calendar now, or you still have a few questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We know that figuring out your moving day plans can be stressful. Let us help you make it more streamlined than ever before. Our trained staff will get the job done right, and we’re proud to be your trusted Indianapolis moving company. We’re ready to help!