You should be excited about starting the next chapter of your life somewhere else, but you find yourself worrying about the moving process. You question whether you could move your furniture yourself, but you don’t want to risk injuries or damage to the items. The easier route is to choose a local and professional moving company, whose employees will take extra care of your precious cargo. A quick search of “moving trucks near me” on the web should make it easy to find a trusted company, however, some businesses appear to be professional at first glance, but come to find out, they are anything but, which can make things tricky when trying to find real professional movers.


Why “Moving Trucks Near Me” Is Problematic

When you search “moving trucks near me” you will be bombarded with ads from moving companies who claim to be “professional”. You’ll find, after a quick browse of their websites, that most of these companies are not insured, nor do they train their employees. And some of those who work for these types of businesses are day laborers who have no affiliations with the corporation whatsoever. You do NOT want to put your personal belongings in the hands of untrained individuals who have never moved furniture before. Being uneducated in the field, they can easily damage your furniture in the moving process and you would not be compensated for their actions, because most companies, who state they are professional, will not always be insured. You want to put your possessions in the hands of people who care; who work as a team and are truly insured professionals, which is why you should choose Colt Moving. Colt Moving takes all the worries out of the moving process, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this exciting new chapter of your life.


Choose Colt Moving: The Professional Movers

Colt Moving is a locally owned, professional moving company, located in the Indianapolis area that encompasses all things moving-related! We train and license each of our employees, so your belongings will be in the care of professionals with top-tier expertise and not day laborers. Colt Moving also carries Full Commercial Insurance, including Actual Value Replacement, so you can feel safe putting your trust in us. We are a team-oriented business that strives to ensure an efficient, safe, and fast, moving process.

So don’t waste your time searching “moving trucks near me”, skip straight to contacting Colt Moving — a reliable company that will set your mind at ease and makes the process of moving an enjoyable experience.