Every home and family is unique and has its own collection of personal belongings and furniture. As such, every move is different. But the nature of moving heavy pieces of furniture actually has a few constants. No matter what the item might be, moving those items is going to involve a few risks. That’s why it’s best to leave that work to the pros.

How We Define Heavy Furniture and Equipment

Sure, there might be moving boxes that get out of hand and over-loaded. But those don’t come anywhere close to our definition of “heavy furniture.” These can be family heirlooms or other antique pieces of furniture. Or large dining tables, bedframes, office desks, and pool tables. All types of workout equipment fall into this category too.

Fortunately, just because something is “heavy,” that doesn’t mean it can’t be moved. After all, someone managed to get it inside your home in the first place! Often times these pieces will need to be disassembled in one way or another to get them onto the moving truck. It also helps to empty any drawers or shelves, as needed. Doing this before your moving day will speed things along. Of course, you can also have your movers deal with that for you. It’ll save you money to do this in advance, but it really all depends on what makes the most sense to you and your priorities.

Talk with Your Moving Company About Heavy Furniture

Whether you’re going to do some of that heavy furniture prep work on your own or you want your movers to manage it on the moving day itself, you definitely want to communicate a few details when they arrive at your house.

For starters, you want to tell them where all of that heavy furniture and equipment is located on your property, as well as what those pieces actually are. Then your movers will be able to start planning about how to load up the truck in the most effective way. The fewer truck loads, the faster your move. And that makes it more affordable.

A good moving company will have trained their employees to secure any doors on heavy pieces of furniture. (Think: dressers, big backyard grills, or other large cabinets.) But you should also let your movers know what items may be more fragile than they appear. The team should always be careful regardless, yet it never hurts to point out any additional details before they start lifting and carrying things outside. Any insight you can give them on the furniture disassembly or reassembly at your new home will also make a big difference, as well. During a move, communication is always key.

Don’t Take the Risk—Hire a Local Moving Company!

Your home isn’t just a place. It’s also special because of everything you own inside and around your whole yard. Going with a reputable moving company is your best bet for making sure everything makes the trip safely.

Don’t deal with the stress and pain of moving heavy furniture and equipment on your own—or talk your friends and family into helping you. Just pass that work off to some professional movers and streamline the entire day. It’ll feel good knowing that you’ve got experienced people on the job. Colt Moving is here to help!