When you keep your moving expenses low, you’ll have more money to celebrate your fresh start! There are definitely some easy ways to cut costs for an affordable move. Then you can put that cash toward a new piece of furniture or a nice dinner out of the house. Sure, certain aspects of moving will always come with a fee, but these insider tips can help you maximize your savings and get the best possible moving day.

Before You Move, Be Sure to Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking to move to the next town over or one hundred miles away. Before you start packing, be sure to sort through all of your belongings with a critical eye. The fewer things you have to move, the faster and easier your day will go.

Everything you own takes up space in the moving truck. Not only that, it takes time to physically place each item in your home. Getting rid of whatever you don’t actually need will allow you and your movers to streamline the day, which ends up saving you money. The majority of local movers work for an hourly rate. Helping them get the job done faster will certainly pay off.

You might even be able to earn some additional money by setting up a garage sale. Simplify your personal inventory before the move and try to turn all of the clothes, cookware, decorations, toys, or other knick-knacks you no longer need into cash. Maybe you’ll be able to bank a few hundred dollars.

But the real benefit of simplifying is that it can give you more peace of mind. Less clutter always makes a space feel calmer. Along the way, you’ll also be helping to lower your moving day bill.  If nothing else, make a couple trips to a donation center. You’ll be able to quickly pass off the items you don’t want anymore.

Find New Ways to Source Your Moving Supplies

Every dollar adds up. Another strategy for saving money on your move is to get creative with how you source your moving supplies.

You don’t necessarily need to make plans to buy new boxes, tape, or even bubble wrap. Consider utilizing the suitcases, hampers, and baskets you already own. From there, set aside any spare towels or even coats and jackets that could be used to pad your boxes.

After that, ask your neighbors and friends if they have extra boxes lying around. You can also check with local businesses to see if they’d be willing to give you some cardboard boxes too!

Work with Movers Who Don’t Come with Surprises

Navigating the emotional and logistical process of a move can be a real challenge. You don’t want a team of inexperienced movers to add more stress to your plate. You want to save money on your moving bill. That means no surprises or unexpected fees on your bill. Choosing the right team makes all the difference.

Hands down, working with professional local movers is a major game changer for streamlining your moving day. The hassle of a DIY move just isn’t worth it at the end of the day. Compare the reviews of moving companies in your area and find the best match. The real selling point here is to go with a team that has upfront pricing.

At Colt Moving, our philosophy has always been to be honest and fair with our moving rates. We’ve clearly outlined our process, so if you have a moving date in mind, please feel free to reserve your place on our schedule. We’re here to help!