For a lot of homeowners, tackling the garage can be the ultimate challenge during a move. Fortunately, you can leave the heavy moving work to the pros. So when you know that all you need to focus on is getting things boxed up, the process doesn’t seem so daunting. You’re not looking to get the garage neat and tidy. It should only be about packing.

3 Tips for Packing Up the Garage

The first step before your movers arrive is to simply group similar objects together. These pointers can help you keep that time down to a minimum.

1. Make the Garage a Top Priority

It always feels good to finish up lots of little projects and cross them off the to-do list. When it comes to moving, though, it’s often better to deal with the trickiest areas first.

Dedicating a few solid hours to the garage might be all you need to get things squared away. Then you’ll be able to use pockets of time in the evening to pack the smaller things around the house, like the closets. Working indoors is often more comfortable, and it’s more convenient to use your evening hours to pack things inside your house rather than in the garage. You’ll thank yourself later for getting the garage packed first!

2. Don’t Just Grab Boxes

While boxes and moving bins are definitely must-haves for moving, packing up the garage is different territory. You’ll likely need other types of packing material like shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, and moving blankets to get the job done right.

It’s normal to have plenty of oddly-shaped and heavy items in the space, and figuring out how to safely transport them requires a fair amount of logistical planning. But with good movers on your side, the process can be worry-free.

Obviously you can use boxes to pack your power tools, hand tools, and other small odds and ends. But the larger yard tools and gardening equipment tend to move better when you create small bundles of them with a few layers of shrink-wrap, and the oddly-shaped items might need a layer of bubble wrap to be more secure in a box.

For larger pieces of equipment, consider grabbing a few moving blankets. If you’re hiring local movers, they’ll likely bring some moving blankets with them. But wrapping up your expensive equipment or sharp tools with some of your own blankets can help protect them even better.

3. Remove the Hazards in Advance

The last step for packing the garage is to clear out anything that you either don’t want to move, or shouldn’t move. Your garage may have collected an assortment of old paint, fuel, and cleaning supplies over the years. Before moving day, you’ll need to properly dispose of any hazardous items that you no longer need or want. Checking with your local trash and recycling facility can let you know the best next steps.

With your garage packed up and all of trash hauled away, you can leave the rest of the work to your movers! Even just organizing the garage can take up an entire weekend. So when it comes to actually moving all of the contents in your garage to a new home, you need a streamlined system. Don’t add more trouble to your plate. Contact our team at Colt Moving! To check our availability, just click here.