You’ve worked hard to find the perfect place to move. Now it’s time to figure out the logistics for the moving day itself. Hiring local movers is a great way to make the day go smoothly. But how do you know you’re going to get a fair rate? Like any industry, different moving companies all have their own type of pricing structures. Knowing how they operate can help ensure you’re getting the best service with a smart investment.


How the Best Moving Companies Work

First and foremost, you want to choose a moving company that’s upfront about their pricing. Being able to review a clear breakdown of their fees and process for calculating your project total can give you a solid forecast of what your bill is going to be.

That being said, not all companies are completely transparent. So it’s not always about looking at their flat hourly rate. Hidden fees can add up quickly, and if you aren’t prepared for what will be and what won’t be included in that standard quote, you could have a rude awakening once you see that final invoice.

Before you commit to hiring movers, you’ll want to know what they’re going to charge for their driving time, adding on a third mover, or moving specialty items. Some companies might have outrageously high fees for these line items. To avoid those problems, you’ll want to take a closer look at what different Indianapolis movers by the hour actually cover—and what types of services will cost you a little extra.


Indianapolis Movers by the Hour

There will always be a few types of circumstances that affect your overall moving day costs. But it’s definitely better to only pay for what you need rather than get locked in paying for time that isn’t necessary. After all, some moves can get completed in under four hours. Others might take an entire day and multiple trucks.

If you’re looking at a moving company that insists on you paying for a full day, think twice. Teams that know how to work efficiently won’t need to drag out your project. In that sense, it’s totally reasonable to hire Indianapolis movers by the hour. You just need to be aware that every move is different, just how every home and family is unique.


Colt Moving—We’re Here to Help!

At Colt Moving, we’re basically functioning as Indianapolis movers by the hour. But we like to think we take that a step further. Since we actually list out every detail for our pricing structure on the website, our clients are able to calculate their moving estimate more accurately than most other Indianapolis movers by the hour around town.

We want to treat you right, and obviously, you deserve to know what to expect. If you’re ready to hire a great team of Indianapolis movers by the hour, we hope you think of our team first! We’ve been able to collect fantastic reviews over the years from clients all over the greater Indianapolis area. People appreciate our fair pricing. Plus, they like knowing that they’re getting solid, professional movers to handle their belongings.