Having the option to be flexible with your schedule is always nice. But when you’re moving from a rental with a hard end-date on your lease, you probably won’t have much say for choosing when to make your move. The same thing can happen when moving from a home you’ve just sold. The closing date will determine when you need to leave, and maybe that timeline wasn’t part of your initial plan.

But when you do have the option to independently decide when to move—what’s the best course of action? Do you go ahead and move during the peak season? Or should you wait until after the summer months? Fortunately, there isn’t really a “wrong answer” either way. When you look at the big picture, moving during the peak season might not be as bad as you think!

Benefits of a Peak-Season Move

A summer move naturally comes with a few key benefits. After all, it’s the busy season for a reason. The timeframe helps families with young kids get more time to ease the transition of settling into a new space. School has enough stressors on its own. You don’t need to throw a major move at the equation too.

Summertime also tends to be more convenient for individuals who want to take time off work during the week of their move. If your summer schedule is more relaxed than the autumn months, why would you want to complicate things?

What’s more, you’re likely going to get decent weather when you stick with the peak season. There won’t be snow or icy walkways. You probably don’t have to worry about rain either. And when you hire one of the go-to local moving companies, you can save yourself from hot weather too. It’s no problem for good movers to work through the heat. You just want to hire the right team!

Should I Find Moving Companies Near Me—or DIY?

There’s nothing wrong with having an independent streak. Just don’t let it hold you back. If there’s a way to simplify your, then giving yourself that advantage is usually the smartest call. Hiring local movers usually fits into category.

When you pass that work off to professionals, you’ll give yourself as much flexibility as possible. You free up your schedule and mental power to take care other important moving-related tasks. DIY moving, dealing with the heavy lifting, hot summer weather, and the hassle of a truck rental—these things just distract you from the other questions you need to address. Like, which room are you going to start unpacking first? Not to mention, what are you having for dinner tonight? Or breakfast tomorrow?

A little extra breathing room can help you start out on the right foot for your new chapter in a new home. Hiring a local moving company can give you that edge. Plus, when you know how to plan ahead, it’s really affordable.

Let the Colt Movers Help You Out

You don’t have to feel like a summer move is going to be stressful. With the Colt Moving  team, you can kick back and let us do the heavy lifting. It’s only a matter of getting on the schedule. The earlier you can reserve your moving date, the better.

As a good rule of thumb, most moving companies have premium rates for weekends. When you have the option to move during a weekday, you’ll probably be able to save some money. But either way, going with our movers can help give you some peace of mind for the big day. Just review our calendar to schedule your move. We look forward to serving you!