Whenever there’s a life change there’s also the potential for your stress level to spike—even when it’s a welcome change of circumstances! Starting a new job, getting engaged and making plans for the wedding, or deciding to move to a new home will definitely shake things up. Fortunately, there are specific strategies that can make any one of those scenarios less stressful. For moving in particular, it all comes down to following some “baby steps.”

Embrace the Opportunity to Simplify

There’s nothing quite like preparing for a move to make us realize just how many things we’ve been holding onto over the years that don’t serve us anymore. Seize this opportunity to organize and simplify.

It’s a lot easier to start clearing out items in your personal inventory when you’re being forced to look at everything one by one. That’s obviously what packing is all about. Addressing one room at a time is usually the best way to eliminate stress during this process. You shouldn’t need to be climbing over boxes and packing supplies in every room of the house. Confine the work to a smaller area.

You can actually gain a real sense of accomplishment tackling each space on its own. As you go along, focus on putting your items into different piles. You’ll have things you know you want to keep, so you could start packing those right away. But you might also be on the fence about whether other items should make the move or not. Stick with your gut when that happens. Toss whatever has lost its value in the trash, and then donate the items you don’t want or need. If you have the spare time, you could even set up a yard sale to make some quick cash!

Plan Ahead with a Moving Schedule

In general, there’s less stress when we aren’t feeling rushed. It pays to plan ahead for your move, and setting small goals can help you get all of your tasks completed at a nice, manageable pace.

Designing your own moving checklist will allow you to remain in control of your schedule and your priorities. For some people, it’s more appealing to get lots of quick things done first, like setting up your change of address info with the postal service. Others might want to get everything cleared out of the garage or basement to start. Either way, it can help to write down the specific order of how you want to get things done.

Our Employee Movers Can Help

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