Moving into a new home is exciting, to say the least, but planning for the big move can be stressful and overwhelming. There are several important decisions you have to make during this time, the most important one being which moving company you should hire. There are countless companies out there, so how do know which one you can entrust your treasured belongings to? Many find choosing the right moving company to be difficult, however here at Colt Moving, we believe choosing us for your moving needs, will be the easiest and best decision you’ll make during the moving process. 

Our Company Values

Colt Moving is a locally owned, professional moving company, located in the greater Indianapolis area, that values trust and providing high-quality services to our customers. We are able to do this with the help of our employees, who work as a team to ensure a seamless move every time. Each of our employees are professionally trained and licensed so you’ll feel relieved knowing your belongings are in good hands. Here at Colt Moving, we believe it’s important to heavily educate our employees on how to properly move furniture, boxes, etc. so your property is at minimal risk. Unforeseen accidents do happen however, and if something were to get damaged, we do carry Full Commercial Insurance, including Actual Value Replacement. 

Colt Movers are the Best Movers

If it’s not obvious yet…Colt Moving has the best employees! They are extremely motivated throughout the entire moving process, from packing boxes to unloading furniture, because of the great benefits we provide them with to show our gratitude. Colt Movers are satisfied with these benefits, so it makes them happy to do their job. You can count on us to always show up with a big smile, full of energy and eagerness, to assist you in this exciting new chapter of your life. 

Moving companies will say they are “the best”, but it really comes down to their reviews. And Colt Moving proves to be the BEST moving company in the Indianapolis area. Taking a look at our Testimonial page, where our customers submit reviews on our services and employees, you’ll find pages of satisfied customers who’ve put their trust in our company. Our customers love us and we love our customers even more for choosing Colt Moving.

Choose Colt Moving

Colt Moving has proudly built a team of well-rounded employees, who are consistently efficient, and great at what they do. Whether you need moving assistance for a commercial or residential move, we always ensure a seamless moving process that takes the stress out of moving. Put your trust in us and we will prove time and time again that choosing Colt Moving for your moving needs is the best decision.