A lot of people tend to associate moving with stress. And there’s no doubt that the process feels a little overwhelming at the start. You’ll have plenty to pack and a list of tasks to wrap up before the big day. Once that moving day comes, though, there’s no reason it shouldn’t go smoothly. It’s just about getting the right details figured out in advance and avoiding the top moving mistakes.

Moving Day Essentials That Get Overlooked

It’s not always feasible to start unpacking your boxes as soon as you arrive at your new space. But you’ll still need to be able to get ahold of your essentials. That’s the main reason for families to pack an open-first box. This should get filled with the items you tend to use on a daily basis—beyond your phone charger or pillow or toothbrush, which can usually get thrown in a duffle bag or small suitcase.

That box of essentials might contain your go-to kitchen supplies or other comfort items that can help make your new house truly feel like home right away. For example, you might want to have your coffee maker, favorite pots and pans, or even the blanket for your sofa put aside in their own box that’s easy to access right on day one.

Quick Fixes for Common Problems with Moving

The hustle and bustle of the actual moving day should never feel like total chaos. Whether you’re doing a DIY move or hiring a team of professional movers, it just isn’t safe or productive to have pets or small children around. If possible, it’s better to avoid the potential problems by hiring a babysitter or dog sitter for the day. It definitely helps to make plans for keeping any children or pets occupied or out of the house while the move is happening.

If you’re planning to handle the move on your own, it’s also helpful to dress appropriately. Consider wearing layers. If you think it’s going to be an all-day job, the mornings might be cool, but by noon it could be up in the 80s. You’ll be moving around, and likely breaking a sweat. Wear what’s comfortable, and be sure to have on a solid pair of shoes.

Or better yet—hire a local moving company to do the heavy lifting for you! Then you can stay comfortable and just kick back. This is by far the best way to fix any of the most common problems with moving. Leave the work to the pros.

Be Sure to Compare Your Local Moving Companies First!

Not all local moving companies operate the same way, so it’s important to work with a company that has a good reputation and great experience.

At Colt Moving, we’re proud to only have employee movers—not contractors. This allows us to provide clients with consistent, high-quality service. Feel free to compare our reviews online against other Indianapolis movers. Then give us a call if you have any questions! We also have online scheduling available. Let us help you avoid the mistakes and get the best moving experience you’ve ever had!