What Should You Pack First When Moving?

As a general rule, the first things to pack when moving are your “non-essentials.” This initial phase of packing will typically start in the garage and the basement, but it can really take you all throughout your home. It all just depends on what you own, what you need, and how quickly you can work. For some people, these first steps could take up to a month or more, but for others, it might only take days!

A good portion of this time will be spent sorting through your belongings and separating what you’ll be keeping from what can be donated or tossed. For example, your non-essential or “surplus” items might include spare linens, towels, office supplies, or kitchen items that you won’t be needing leading up to your move, like specialty bakeware, fine china, or barbecue tools. You’ll also be looking at your holiday decorations and any of your out-of-season clothing.

The Week Leading Up to Moving Day

If you were able to pace yourself and had a plan for what to pack first, then the last few days should hopefully be the easy part.

After your non-essential belongings are packed, it makes sense to start on your family’s artwork, décor, and collectibles next. Any heirlooms and framed photographs should be wrapped carefully, with the boxes labeled “fragile.” Then you can begin to pack up your books, movies, and other items that are tucked away in your entertainment console. The same goes for any children’s toys or items that aren’t going to be used in the next couple of weeks.

The remaining categories are pretty straightforward. You’ll be able to start clearing out the drawers and packing up the supplies in the laundry room, your home office, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. Only leave out what you’ll need right up until moving day. Then you can have separate “open first” boxes for those final kitchen items or specific groceries, as well as your bedding and important personal items. Then they’ll be easy to access right after the move.

Lower Your Stress—Call the Colt Movers!

With an organized moving schedule, you can keep calm and just take one day at a time. You’re already managing all of the packing. Now leave it to Colt Moving to make the official moving day as streamlined as possible.

The best way to finish strong is to have a great team of local movers to help you out with the heavy lifting. Get on our schedule to reserve your moving date and time. We know how to work efficiently and handle all of your furniture, boxes, and belongings with care. Let’s help you get settled into your new home!