The Covid-19 pandemic has majorly impacted all aspects of our economy. Currently, we are seeing a decrease in workers and an increase of “Hiring” signs all across the nation. People who are not returning to their jobs because of the pandemic and those who quit altogether has lead to a massive fluctuation in the workforce. One of the main shortages hitting the U.S. right now is the lack of truck drivers, which is very alarming since we not only rely on truck drivers to move goods around the country, we also depend on them and their vehicles to load, move, and unload belongings during residential and commercial moves. 

Professional moving companies are struggling to recruit new drivers and to hold on to their current employees, which is why some business are offering incentives like, benefits, increase in pay, and paid vacations.  Even with these incentives however, they are still unable to find new drivers. It’s hitting at a time when moving companies have never been busier. According to Chuck Kuhn, President of JK Moving and Storage Service, he is seeing higher volumes in demand for professional movers/drivers than he has in forty years (Grove). Kuhn told 13News that he believes the ability to work remotely, an effect of the pandemic, and the lower mortgage rates have motivated people to pack their belongings from the inner city and move to the suburbs (Grove). With this increasingly high demand for moving trucks, it’s imperative that you plan your move ahead of time. 

Professional moving companies are struggling due to the trucking shortage, but luckily one Indianapolis company, Colt Moving, has been able to overcome these challenges and they are ready, stacked with a fully trained team, to accommodate your moving needs. Colt Moving provides commercial and residential moving services to the greater Indianapolis area. 

Waiting last minute to contact a professional moving company might result in a delay of your move-in date, or worse, you could end up having to move your belongings yourself. Don’t let this happen to you, go to our Schedule Now Page, and set a date for your move in advance. It’s important to plan for a few months ahead, so you can guarantee to be in your new home on time. With business volumes hitting record highs, don’t wait to schedule your move, do it now!

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