The Plainfield community is known for being friendly and family-focused. We’re located right alongside the greater metro of Indianapolis, yet still tucked far enough away to be able to enjoy some fantastic outdoor activities, including the big Splash Island Waterpark and our historic nature trails.

Top that off with a great economy and solid housing market, and it’s no wonder why so many people are deciding to make the move into the Plainfield area. There’s plenty to offer, and all kinds of things to do!


Make Your Move to Plainfield, Indiana

Whether you’re moving to Plainfield from a neighboring city or county, or even from out of state, you want to make sure you have the best moving experience possible. Uprooting from your old home can be stressful enough. Don’t let the actual moving day get in the way of having a nice, fresh start in your new place.

Partner with a high-quality moving company to keep things simple.

Almost everyone has tackled their own DIY move at some point in the past—if not a handful of them! But that doesn’t mean you need to deal with another hectic move. Pass the job off to a trained team of Plainfield movers. The day is sure to go faster. Plus, you won’t have to mess with the heavy lifting.

There’s no reason to wrangle friends or family into moving your furniture. And no problems worrying about how to load up the truck to maximize space. All you’ll have to think about is what to have for dinner that first night in your home!


The Colt Movers Are Here to Help

We’ve got years of experience and assign a dedicated team of employee movers on every job. Other moving companies around Plainfield are necessarily able to say that.

The difference with employee movers comes down to quality. We know how to work together, and that helps streamline your day!

Some moving companies might rely on day laborers or contractors to stay on-schedule. But at Colt Moving, we value giving our clients trained, professional movers. It’s the best way for us to ensure that we can deliver consistent high-quality service for every job.

What’s more, we’re committed to only hiring truly great, upstanding individuals in and of themselves! Time and time again we hear feedback from clients that their Colt movers were in genuinely good moods, hard-working, and courteous. And we think that speaks volumes.

Because you’re trusting people who are basically strangers to come into your home, it’s crucial to have friendly movers. Not only that, you deserve to have a team that knows how to do things right!


We’re the Moving Company Plainfield Trusts

Don’t leave the job to second-rate movers. The Colt Moving team will help keep your day on-time and on-schedule. We run a tight operation, so we know how to work both quickly and efficiently. That way, all of your belongings can make the move safe and sound.

Colt Moving is also proud to offer a clear, transparent pricing for your moving estimate. (Because no one likes surprises.)

All of these pricing details are outlined on our website. Then you can start to assess your home and what you’ll need for the moving day itself, whether that’s our standard package, or adding a third mover or reserving an additional truck. Our save-time estimates can give you the info you need to feel great about your decision to choose Colt Moving for your move to Plainfield!