You want all of your belongings to make the move safe and sound. But you don’t necessarily want—or need—to complicate things and end up with a move that takes longer than it should. One question we hear a lot is whether people need to empty drawers before their move gets underway. As with most things, it just depends!

Times You Don’t Need to Empty Drawers

Let’s start with the easy scenario first. When does your moving company not need you to empty the drawers? Well, think about general structure of the furniture. If you’re looking at a standard-sized dresser, then your movers might be able to deal with that as-is. The same would go for a basic desk, since those drawers would be smaller and usually only have paper and other tiny items inside.

Next, consider how solid the furniture is built. Then think about the extra weight and how well the furniture would be able to hold that during a move. If everything looks good, then it’s nice to know that emptying the drawers isn’t always mandatory.

Reasons You Should Empty Drawers for Moving

On the other hand, you should always empty out the drawers whenever the furniture in question is especially large. Pieces such as armoires or entertainment centers are usually a little challenging to move. So for that, everything taken out ahead of time is basically a “must.” After all, you don’t really want your movers to come to a screeching halt because they need to unload your Blu-ray player, clothes, or other items.

There’s also the old maxim “better safe than sorry.” If you can’t quite tell whether the piece of furniture is on the heavy side, go ahead and empty the drawers. Your movers will be able to work faster when there’s less weight. And that’s even more true when those dressers or desks are going to be traveling up or down stairs (at either location).

Make Things Simple with a Good Moving Company

Experienced movers are the linchpin for a streamlined moving day. They’ll know how to lift your heavy pieces of furniture efficiently. They’ll also know exactly how to pack your belongings inside the truck. That’s why we put each of our employee movers through a detailed training program. You want your personal belongings handled with care. With our team, you can trust that we’re going to treat them just as if they’re our own.

Part of keeping the day going smoothly, though, does come down to how well the homeowners can prepare. For starters, you’re probably hoping that you’ve been able to calculate an accurate estimate for your move. To keep as close to that timeline as possible, it always helps to think about all of those “trickier” pieces around your home. Then you can factor that extra time to your estimate accordingly.

We can say with confidence that each one of our professional movers knows how to work quickly. Plus, we only higher quality people, so everyone on our team does a great job about communicating with each other and our clients. If you’re ready to work with a great moving company, we hope you’ll contact us soon to get your family’s moving day scheduled!