In the town of Speedway, we’re obviously known for one major thing: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But living here actually means so much more. Our location puts us close enough to all of the action of the big city. Yet it’s also great for just sticking close to home.

We can always visit some of the park facilities around Speedway, relax in the backyard, or simply spend time with family indoors—whether in the living room or around the dining table. After all, home is where all of the best memories happen. So when you’re preparing to move to a new home, you want to kick things off on the right foot. When you call on Colt Moving, we’ll help give you a great moving day experience from start to finish!


Benefits of Hiring Speedway Movers for the Big Day

We consistently hear feedback that hiring movers for the big day proves to be a great decision for homeowners, as well as renters. The vast majority of people have managed a DIY move at some point or another. Eventually, though, it’s time to give yourself a break.

Moving is hectic enough as it is. You’ve got to transfer your utilities, watch the mailbox, figure out the kids’ school, and maybe even deal with registering your car when you’re coming from out of state. Sure, it’s easier if you’re moving within Speedway—from one address to another—but there’s no denying that leaving the heavy lifting to a couple of movers can take a lot of your plate and help you breathe easier.


Get the Best, Stress-Free Moving Experience Ever

Speedway is a relatively smaller area outside of the greater Indianapolis area, and that means community counts. It’s also one of the reasons why our team takes a lot of pride in being down-to-earth, friendly, and professional on every move. We know our neighbors can go with any Speedway moving company. Choosing us over the rest truly means a lot!

Everything you own. Handled with care. That’s what Colt Moving is all about. You want movers who know how to work together to move your items safely. Otherwise, how would you get any peace of mind?

Reading past client testimonials is a solid way to compare local moving companies. Still, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your own experience. Hopefully, right out of the gate, we can put you at ease. We’re going to work quickly and efficiently. All without cutting any corners. Since we have employee movers instead of day laborers or contractors, all of our team members have a vested interest in doing good work. The result is a low-key moving day for you. Then you can really enjoy the first night in your new home.


We’re the Moving Company Speedway Trusts

Booking your move with our team is easy. We even have our rates clearly outlined on the website. You can calculate your own estimate whenever it’s convenient for you, and then reserve your timeslot for your upcoming Speedway move!

Most homes only require two movers and a truck, but we also offer the option to add a third mover or even a second truck if you really want to get settled in ASAP. And depending on the distance between your old place and your new home, we might even be able to wrap up the move in four hours or less. Talk about stress-free, right?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Colt Moving if you have any questions about our process or scheduling. We’re always happy to connect, and we hope to hear from you soon!