Stress-free moving days are successful moving days. To make that happen, a little bit of prep work can go a long way. Even when you’ve hired a great local moving company, there are still a few details that may require your help. You’ll be able to save time on the move itself. And that means you’ll save money too!

Tips to Help Moving Companies Work Faster

When you work with Colt Moving, we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you can step back and relax while the move is underway. But reviewing some quick details is also a key part of things going smoothly. Avoid these three common problems, and your moving day team will be in a better position to make sure all of your belongings make it to your new space safely and efficiently.

1. Watch out for overpacked boxes

Labeling your boxes as “fragile” is a smart way to let your movers know to keep those items protected. (Even though they should be handling all of your boxes with care!) Unfortunately, all too often we see that homeowners are actually overpacking these boxes—especially with books, tools, and exercise weights. The bottom of the box might fall out any minute because there are simply too many things inside.

Of course, you can also make plans to work with a couple of professional box packers. It’s a great way to free up your schedule to manage other details of your move. Plus, you can feel good knowing that your items are going to be packed securely.

2. Talk about those tricky disassembles

Some moving companies are happy to manage the disassembly and reassembly of your larger furniture items. But in many cases, they’ll be taking things apart that they’ve never seen before. Examples might be large toys, workout equipment, and canopy beds or bunkbeds. Standard bedframes are usually no big deal. However, newer and more modern beds are becoming trickier to learn. Some of them even have motors, and figuring out how to manage those pieces can make day go longer than you probably wanted.

Talking with your movers ahead of time about any of that type of “tricky” furniture will help keep your moving day on-schedule. You’ll also want to consider those potential problem items to calculate a realistic timeline. Better yet, if you can, try to offer your movers some instruction on how to correctly manage those pieces.

3. When possible, measure ahead of time

Really want your moving day to clip along at a good pace? Swing by your new home to run a few measurements first. There’s a chance that the layout will have a unique turn or two. There might also be different sized doorways. All of those types of features matter for the move. This could mean that your couch won’t actually fit in the doorway. In that case, your moving company might be able come up with a creative solution. (We’ve actually made things happen by moving furniture through windows instead of doors!)

Unfortunately, there could still be scenarios where there just isn’t a solution. Then you’d have to make a last-minute decision on what to do with the items in question. Measuring the new space in advance can buy you some more time. Sometimes, though, the only way to know is by giving it a try and being aware of the risk involved. Communicate with your moving company early on, and hopefully you’ll be able to avoid those setbacks.

Let’s Team Up for Your Indianapolis Move!

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