Whenever someone is working inside your home, it’s crucial for them to be professional and courteous. After all, the service they’re providing directly relates to your personal property! Everything you own has value. That’s why you need movers who are insured.

This differentiator helps let homeowners know that they’re going with a good team. Unfortunately, you might still find some moving companies in the Indianapolis area that can’t actually back themselves up as insured movers. Doing a little homework can give you the reassurance you need. Also, read their company reviews and browse their website. Don’t put yourself at risk with movers who aren’t professional through and through.

Checking for Insured Movers

You probably understand the general concept of insurance. But it’s a little different for moving companies. For example, the policies typically function “per pound.” This means that if something were to get damaged, broken, or otherwise “lost” during your move, the movers will be able to work with you to make sure you’re appropriately compensated.

They’ll might also have an option for you to get additional coverage for your moving day. Colt Moving offers this at a flat rate per truck load. Every move automatically comes with FREE Indiana Mover’s Transit Coverage, though, which relates back to that “per pound” model for coverage. This plan often provides enough on its own, but it’s always nice to have an upgrade offering too.

Also Consider the Indiana Operating Authority

In addition to the insurance, good moving companies will also carry a formal license. In the state of Indiana, you need to apply for an Indiana Operating Authority whenever you receive money to transport either passengers or household goods. Put simply—local moving companies should always be insured!

There are actually fees and filing requirements for this authorization, which might discourage some so-called “professionals” from getting credentialed. Only reputable moving companies are going to take the time to follow through on these requirements. And that’s what you want! For one, it proves that it’s a legitimate business.

This also helps consumers know that the movers they’re hiring are financially responsible, because part of the checklist for the Indiana Operating Authority is to provide financial statements. Moving companies also need to submit supporting statements. This is true for both the Permanent Authority and Temporary Authority approvals. So if a moving company doesn’t clearly state that they’re licensed and insured, that should definitely give you pause.

Colt Moving—We’re Licensed and Insured!

Our team makes it a point to advertise that we’re licensed and insured. To us, it’s the only way to operate a business in this industry. We’re here to give our clients the best service possible, and that means working with integrity.

Anyone can own a truck and say that they’ll help you move. But if you’re going to hire someone to do that work, please be sure to check their credentials. Moving companies that are licensed and insured will be in a better position to protect all of your items during the move. And if they’re like us at Colt Moving, you’ll have trained employees working safely and effectively while on the job!