Whether you can’t stand the idea of another DIY moving day, or you’ve always made it a point to hire local movers, there’s one big differentiator to keep in mind when comparing moving companies. You want to be sure you’re selecting movers who are truly skilled and dependable. Reading the reviews of your local moving companies is a good place to start, but there’s another important thing to check—are your movers actually employees?

Colt Movers Are All About Solid Teamwork

There are various aspects to consider when hiring a moving company, but a straightforward one is to investigate whether the moving company relies on day laborers or employs dedicated staff members as their movers. At Colt Moving, we’re proud to fall into the second category.

Our company chooses to only hire employees. We don’t use independent contractors or subcontractors to handle our clients’ moves. There are several reasons for this, and a lot of them come back to building a strong company culture that has a foundation of teamwork. You just can’t get the same results with people who aren’t employees.

Consistency and reliability are crucial for moving companies. In our experience, we’re honored to have employees who are happy to commit to long-term employment. This type of team culture helps us build trust and generate repeat business, because our clients know they’re going to get a solid team effort on their projects. Having consistent contact with friendly people in the company definitely contributes to a positive work environment for everyone throughout the move.

Protecting Your Belongings at Every Step

Moving isn’t easy, and it’s important that our movers know how to work together and can effectively communicate to keep your belongings safe and secure. Not only that, hiring employees can help mitigate potential liability issues. Things are less likely to go wrong when every mover is trained and has done previous work together.

In a general sense, moving companies with employees will typically have those employees covered by workers’ compensation insurance too. This provides financial protection in case of work-related injuries or accidents. This is a crucial for the industry. Put simply, moving companies with employees are more likely to actually care about their workers. In turn, that can lead to a more dedicated crew on your own project. Happy employees are known for being better workers all around. Our employee movers at Colt Moving know how to keep your belongings safe!

Quality Service and Happy Clients

We love hiring quality team members and watching them grow in their roles. But it’s not just a personal satisfaction, having employees is a strategic for business. We can maintain high customer satisfaction by putting company trained movers on the job. We maintain greater control over the quality of service provided every day by working with employees because each individual has been trained to live up to our company standards. Consistent performance delivers meaningful results for growing our brand reputation.

Our clients can feel more confident knowing that the individuals handling their belongings are knowledgeable and accountable to our company. For us, it’s the only way of doing business. No matter where you’re located, we can’t stress the importance of having employee movers enough. Before you hire a company, do a little extra research to make sure your local movers have a dedicated team for your job. You’re bound to get better results that way.

To learn more about our company, visit out About webpage. Or to schedule your Indianapolis move, visit our online scheduler to get on the calendar. We’d love to help give you the easiest move ever!