We come across the phrase “licensed and insured” in a variety of industries, and many of us recognize that these qualifications are a positive sign. Understanding what these words actually mean, however, can be another matter. This quick recap on being licensed and insured as a moving company should help clear things up.

About Moving Company Licensing

There are different ways to define being licensed. It all depends on the industry. A licensed electrician will have demonstrated their expertise with various testing, just as a licensed medical doctor has been thoroughly trained and vetted. Other times, being licensed simply refers to having a license to operate your business in a given area. Moving companies sort of fall into both categories.

For example, here in Indiana, you need an operating authority license to be a professional mover. In order to receive money for transporting household goods, the law requires you to submit an application and pay a filing fee. That approval means you can officially conduct business throughout the state. Those regulations help protect customers from potential scams, and it helps hold our industry to higher standards.

Any legitimate moving company will be licensed. This isn’t only the law; it also demonstrates their company’s commitment to operate with integrity. If you aren’t sure whether your local mover is licensed or not, it’s important to inquire. Otherwise, you’ll want to explore your options with the other moving companies around town.


Insurance for Moving Companies

Your homeowners insurance (or your renters insurance) is designed to protect your belongings and your home from unforeseen events that lead to damages and loss. But these policies typically won’t extend to your moving day. That’s why having another type of insurance in place is crucial.

When your moving company is insured, you can feel better knowing that you’re lowering your risks. So, if you have a set of coffee mugs that break during the move, or damage done to your kitchen chairs, then you should expect to receive some compensation for the loss. While the odds of having an accident are a lot lower when you’re working with a reputable company, it’s still necessary for them to have insurance.

Once that’s confirmed, you’ll want to consider whether the moving company’s insurance will be enough for your needs. Your most valuable items may max-out their standard coverage. If something were to happen to those belongings, you could be coming up short for your reimbursement. Fortunately, there are easy ways to boost your insurance coverage during your moves. Working with a moving company that truly knows how their own coverage works will give you the information you need to feel confident about your final decision.


Need a Licensed and Insured Moving Company?

Accidents happen even with all of the right precautions and training in place. No one can control the other drivers on the road or improve poor weather. As such, moving with an insured company is always a smart call. If nothing else, you’ll want to hire a moving company that’s actually licensed where you live.


Colt Moving is proud to offer residential and commercial moving services all throughout the greater Indianapolis area. We’re professionally licensed and insured because we know our customers deserve the best! If you have other questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (317) 476-3762.