Your moving day is around the corner and you’re at a point where managing the labor on your own just isn’t worth the hassle. But how do you know if you’re going with movers who actually know what they’re doing? Well, you’ve got a handful of factors to consider. One of the easiest, though, is to check whether the moving company uses day laborers—or actual employees.

Quality Control with Employee Movers

Most people turn to online reviews to vet local home service companies. And checking up with friends and family for solid recommendations is also smart. Yet there’s a potential risk if that “awesome moving company” you’re looking to hire doesn’t have employees. Your own move might end up coming up far below your expectations.

The issue comes down to people. Maybe your sister-in-law felt good about her move because she had two individuals with a solid work ethic. Were those people employees? Or contractors that the company just happened to use that day? When you get a pair of day laborers, you’re usually rolling the dice. A more accurate prediction of how your own moving day will go is all about the employee difference.

Think about it this way: Employees have a team mentality. They know each other and they know how to communicate well on the job. And their own reputation is on the line—they want to do good work because they’re eager to earn bonuses or a raise. They’ve also probably had some actual onboarding. It’s not like they’re coming into your home feeling completely clueless. That means the company can offer consistency.

Review Your Moving Company’s Values

Companies that use day laborers aren’t going to broadcast that element of their business. They obviously know there’s a quality control issue happening, and there’s no reason to draw attention to that fact. Doing a little homework puts you in a better position to make a solid choice. Reviewing the company’s website is a great place to start.

Not every moving company is going to make the effort to tell their story online. That’s another key differentiator. If the people you’re hiring don’t have a clear set of values that they stand behind, it’s hard to imagine that they’re really taking their work seriously. Companies that invest in top-notch employees obviously want to make a mark on their community and treat their clients with respect.

Get a Better Experience with Colt Moving!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Colt Moving has proudly built a team of employees. To us, that’s the only way we’ll be able to give each of our clients a consistent level of service. We deliver great experiences because we work with great people. Plus, we know how to get all of our employees up to speed. We have a specific training program in place to make sure everyone knows how to work efficiently and safely. That helps your moving day be as fast and worry-free as possible

No matter where you might be moving within the greater Indianapolis area, we’re here to help! Review our process, and then pick a time to reserve your moving crew. We know you’ll be happy to have our employees do the job right.