Through the years, businesses are likely to face many challenges, even more so since the pandemic. An unforeseen challenge most businesses have to deal with is moving into a new office building. Commercial moves tend to put a lot of stress on companies, as there is a lot of prior planning that has to be made and hard decisions to make. Trying to plan the most efficient office move can prove to be a difficult challenge, which is why Colt Moving, a professional Indianapolis residential and commercial moving company, has put together a checklist to help streamline the moving process.

Plan a Few Months Ahead

In order to ensure a smooth moving process, you must schedule the move a few months prior to your move-in date. And due to the nationwide truck driver shortage, it’s crucial now more than ever to book your move ahead of time. If you wait a few weeks before your move-in date to schedule, you won’t be able to find any availability. Then, you’re going to be faced with a real challenge trying to figure out what to do next. Don’t let this happen to you; be sure to go onto our Schedule Now Page, and get that move booked as soon as possible.

Create a List for Organized Packing

Before packing anything, create a detailed list of the offices’ inventory. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to easily determine what items need to be moved to the new office and which ones are staying. Creating a list will also help to plan where the furniture will be placed at the new location; getting a hold of the office’s floor plan will make this process easier as well.

Put Together a Team

For an efficient move, it would be a good idea to assemble a designated moving team. This team of employees will be responsible for creating the inventory list, and deciding which items are staying at the old office. There is no reason to bring chairs and desks to the new building if they’re on their last leg and/or won’t fit into the new space. This team will also be in charge of instructing the other employees on how to properly pack their desk items.

Pack an Essentials Box

Pack the items that you use every day, like pens, paper, your keyboard and mouse, stapler, etc., into one box, so when you reach the new office, you’ll be able to set your things up quickly, and get back to work. Once you’ve packed this box, label it “Essentials” with your name underneath in big letters, making it easily distinguishable. Labeling boxes is key to achieving organization during the moving process. It also ensures efficiency, as no one wants to waste time after the move trying to identify whose boxes are whose. It’s also important to label your desks, chairs, and computer, so you’ll have the exact same setup you did in the old office, in the new one, making the adaption period in the new location much easier.

Moving Day

Moving day is finally here, which means all prior preparations are being set in motion. Load your “Essentials” box into the car and head on over to the new office. There is no need to stay around and help with moving the desks, and other furniture, that’s what your hired professional moving company is there for. So enjoy this exciting time and leave all the heavy lifting to Colt Movers. Following this checklist and choosing Colt Moving for your moving needs, you will be guaranteed an organized and stress-free move!