At Colt Moving, we’ve set higher standards for our team. We’re on a mission to give our clients the easiest moving day they’ve ever had—and that’s why we have a clear process in place.

What Clients Get When They Hire Colt Moving

Our company believes that great, local movers need to be employee movers. This means we never use day laborers or contractors for projects. We’ve carefully built our team and hired professionals who are committed to performing with integrity, and everyone follows a training program as soon as they’re onboard. This allows us to work efficiently and effectively. It also helps us stay safe on the job, and keep all of your belongings safe and secure too!

Since our movers know how to work together as a team, we’re able to deliver consistent service. The reviews you see online for our company aren’t one-offs. We’re always hearing from previous clients that their movers were friendly, prompt, and that they kept moving quickly throughout the day. What’s more, we share our pricing structure with you upfront. This helps you budget your move accordingly. No surprise fees. No confusion about the bill.

The Best Moving Companies Never Compromise

Everyone has their own definition of what “customer service” means. That’s why we strive to address all of the most common concerns in our industry. We’ve all heard stories about moving day “nightmares.” Working with empathy and professionalism helps ensure that our clients are getting everything they need to feel like their best interests are truly being honored.

The best moving companies know how to anticipate your needs and streamline the moving day every step of the way. They’ll already have all of the tools and equipment necessary on their truck, so you won’t be stalled if there’s any reason to disassemble a piece of furniture.

Whether that’s a complicated piece of exercise equipment or a piano to move, they should be able to get it safely loaded and placed in your new home. Working quickly doesn’t mean working carelessly. The best moving companies will never compromise on quality, so the more experience your movers have, the better!

Ready to Schedule Your Stress-Free Moving Day?

We’ve all been through a DIY move in the past, but there comes a time when that simply doesn’t make sense. There’s already enough to manage just pack the boxes, transfer the utilities, and tidy up your home. Let a great team of professional movers take some of that other stress off your plate and leave the heavy lifting and logistics to Colt Moving. When you have the right people on the job, it’s so much easier to get settled into your new place right on day one.

Colt Moving serves residential and commercial clients all throughout Central Indiana and beyond. We’re locally-owned and locally-operated, as well as insured and licensed. If you already have your ideal moving day in mind, reserve your spot on our moving schedule. We’d love to give you and your family the great customer-service you deserve!