You’re moving everything you own—so why would you pass the job off to a risky moving company? Whether it’s a long-distance move or relatively close by, you need to feel confident that the process will get wrapped up without a hitch.

Some people might think that managing the move on their own is the way to go. But in reality, they’d usually be better off by leaving that work to a crew of professional movers. There’s really no reason to look at it as “giving up” control. Or even that you’re taking a riskier chance by not personally moving every single thing. You would actually be giving yourself more peace of mind by finding the right team. And for that, you’ll want to go with local movers who are licensed and insured.

What Do Insured Local Movers Actually Offer?

It’s important to realize that homeowners insurance policies don’t usually extend to your moving day. Those expensive electronics in your living room and your family heirlooms hold a lot of value. When people entrust those belongings to uninsured moving companies, they’re only opening themselves up to trouble.

All of the best moving companies will have their own insurance policy in place. That’s just one way they can show that they’re serious about their business. Obviously they should have fantastic reviews and be confident in their quality of work too. But a moving company insurance policy will help make sure all of your bases are covered:

  • Full Commercial Insurance—their responsibility, not yours
  • Actual Value Replacement—making sure you get what you’re owed
  • No Day Laborers—professionally-trained and full-time employees
  • Proven record of success with outstanding customer reviews
  • Clean trucks with the correct furniture pads and supplies

If something were to happen to your personal items or furniture during the move, you deserve to be compensated. Accidents happen. Even though a good moving company will keep those odds low, you still need them to have the appropriate coverage for you to be reimbursed.

The Benefits of Licensed Moving Companies

Another feature of a reputable moving company is that they’re licensed. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners aren’t aware of this critical factor.

For example, in the state of Indiana, professional movers are required by law to have an operating authority license to receive payment for transporting household goods. Please make sure you know exactly where your movers stand with this requirement.

Lower your risks and make sure you have the best protection possible for your moving day. Better yet, strive to give yourself the best moving day you’ve ever had!

Colt Moving: The Insured Movers You Can Trust

Not all local moving companies are going to come with the same qualifications. Doing a little homework upfront will help you make a sound decision for hiring the right team, with the right expertise to keep all of your belongings safe and sound.

After all, it’s not just about the time your items will spend in the moving truck. You need trained, professional movers who have experience lifting heavy furniture and loading it into the truck safely and securely. Moreover, they’ll be able to carefully move those pieces out of your old home, and into your new, beautiful space!

Insured local movers are always a safer option than a team of day laborers. At Colt Moving, we also provide you with the option to upgrade the insurance policy on your moving day. Take some time to reflect on what’s really at stake. Can you afford to have anything broken or damaged before you can even get settled into your new home? We’re the moving company that Central Indiana trusts! We’d love to help you get the job done right.