A little research goes a long way when you’re comparing local moving companies. Reading reviews can help outline some expectations for the big day. After all, it’s nice to know whether other people have had a good experience with the team you’re considering. But positive feedback can’t be the only deciding factor. You’ve also got to run the numbers—and know how to analyze what those moving company quotes actually mean. Fortunately, hiring a good moving company doesn’t have to break the bank.


7 Details Every Moving Quote Needs to Include

You want to watch your budget when you’re gearing up for a move, so it’s natural to think whether someone is over-charging for their service. The problem, though, is that you can’t only look at the “bottom line” of a moving quote.

Different moving companies handle their quotes in different ways, and that means the “lowest” bidder or even a business that’s more “middle of the road” might be leaving out some key details. Running through these items can help you make sure that the number on your quote will be reliable for the work the movers will do that day.


1. Extra charges vs surprise fees

Certain things take a little more strategy for a safe move. If you own an especially large item, such as a piano, hot tub, pool table, or exercise equipment, a moving company may have a “specialty item fee” to cover the additional liability for handling those tricky pieces. You should know this upfront. It’s not fair to get slapped with a surprise fee with your final bill.


2. Scheduling details

Does the company have a job minimum? This alone could be the deciding factor for which moving company to go with. If a team requires you to book a full day and nothing less, then you could end up paying more than you first thought—or way more than you even needed. Hourly rates are fine for movers, but you want to know how they’ve set up their parameters.

Along the way, definitely check other aspects of their scheduling details. You might be able to save some money by moving on a weekday!


3. Moving company mileage rates

While the hourly rate for your movers is important, don’t forget to compare their mileage rates. Some teams need to offset their costs when there’s going to be a lot of driving involved.


4. How to navigate a cancelation

Maybe you have an out-of-town emergency. Or there’s been a bizarre delay with closing on your house or securing your new lease. There are plenty of unpredictable circumstances that could cause you to push back your moving date. Look to hire a moving company with a relatively lenient cancelation policy.


5. Accident coverage

We’re all human, and it’s just a fact of life that accidents happen. Any legitimate moving company is going to have a baseline insurance policy to cover any loss or damage to your property and belongings. But it might be worth looking into whether you can add on additional coverage for your move. If nothing else, verify that the team has an honest process for handling any problems that might come up.


6. Deposit or pay at the end?

Along with that cancelation process, how straightforward is it to actually book your move? Is the company going to insist on getting a deposit, or are you good to pay at the end of the day?


7. Options to speed things up

Last but not least, read up on whether you can add a third mover to your project. The benefit of wrapping up the move faster might be worth paying a little more. Then you’ll be able to kick back earlier and start enjoying your new space!


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