Keeping things local is always a good idea when it comes to hiring movers. After all, you need to account for the drive-time and how those miles affect the moving expenses. But it’s not only about the address. Whenever someone starts wondering about which movers near me are the best, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind.

Remember to look at the big picture. The move isn’t really about one, single day. You’re starting a whole new life chapter—and that’s usually a reason to celebrate. Don’t let a difficult moving day ruin the mood. Hiring the right moving company helps ensure the first memories of your new home are going to be positive.


Am I Really Getting the Best Movers Near Me?

The detail we come back to again and again whenever we’re comparing moving companies is about team-building. Be sure to ask yourself: Are the different movers near me working with employees? Or are those “professional” movers actually contractors and day laborers?

This comes down to training. Figuring out how each of the movers operate their business can give you some great insights into what your own experience might be like. If the company insists on having employees on the job, then their team is more likely to provide great service simply because they have a sense of loyalty to the business they’ve joined and the brand. That’s why most people take the time to do a little research before hiring their movers.

Before that moving truck arrives, you want to feel confident that hiring the best movers near me wasn’t that difficult after all. Take a look at their website and customer reviews, and then confirm that they have a straightforward pricing model. You want to get experienced movers on the job because they’re the ones who will know how to handle your things carefully and properly load them in the truck. You want a streamlined day with nothing hectic.


We’re the Indianapolis Movers to Help You Out!

When someone says they need to hire a great team of movers near me, we hope you think of Colt Moving first. We’ve worked hard to be the Indianapolis movers that the locals trust most. Just take a look at our most recent client reviews. We consistently deliver high-quality service, and we’re happy to say that people are proud to refer our team to their friends and family.

If you’re finally fed up with the chaos of another DIY move, let us do the heavy lifting! We have the expertise to safely care for all of your belongings. You need a team that knows how to efficiently load and unload everything into the truck. (We’re just all-around friendly, professional people too.)

Our website also makes it easy for you to check our availability and secure your moving date on our calendar. Colt Moving also offers Save-Time Estimates. That way, you don’t have to manage an on-site visit to your home before the actual move.  You can quickly calculate that moving quote on your own. We’ve outlined all of the details so nothing is a mystery. Plus, we’re only a phone call away if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help!